New Hampshire Wedding Insurance

Your wedding day is one of the most significant life events a person will ever go through. It is also one of the most complicated and involved events to organize. Between the guests, the food, dresses, tuxes, photographers, DJs, flowers, and rings, it’s a wonder that any wedding has ever been a success.

But unfortunately, wedding day disasters do happen. That’s why we offer plans to protect weddings from the various unfortunate circumstances that can arise on your wedding day.

Wedding insurance can cover a wide range of unfortunate happenings, including the following:

  • Wedding cancellation due to uncontrollable circumstances including illness in the wedding party, family tragedies, or sudden calls to military service.
  • Damage to wedding photos, damage to attire, damaged gifts, and damaged or spoiled food.
  • Cancellation of the wedding due to inclement weather. Wedding insurance can also cover a break down of travel due to weather as well.
  • Wedding insurance can also be required by your venue in order to obtain use of it.

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