New Hampshire Renters Insurance

Many apartment renters believe that they are fully protected under their landlord’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, this is rarely true. That is why renter’s insurance is essential.

A landlord’s insurance policy will usually only cover the structural property from damage. The actual tenant’s apartment is usually unprotected. That means that a renter can be liable for damages caused to an apartment even if it’s accidental. Fire damage contained within one apartment could very well be uncovered by a landlord’s policy.

Renter’s insurance also covers the belongings of the tenant. Major appliances, clothing, and electronics can be covered by renter’s insurance if they are stolen or damaged.

When Gallant Insurance started in Manchester, New Hampshire, we only offered homeowner’s insurance. We’ve grown a lot since then, and now cover a wide variety of insurance packages including renter’s insurance.

If you think your apartment may be at risk and unprotected, email for a quote or call 603-224-0993 for a rate.

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