Used Car Dealership Insurance

We provide comprehensive insurance packages that are designed to protect car dealers from the liabilities associated with owning a used car dealership.

Our used car dealership insurance plans cover both damages to vehicles on your lot, garages, and the buildings on the lot. Damages to cars covered can include fire, theft, explosions, flood, hail, and vandalism. We will work with you to ensure that you are properly covered for all forms of damage that you could be subjected to. Car dealership insurance packages will also protect you in case of damage to your garage and other buildings. We will make sure that your coverage is comprehensive and also fits your needs.

Used car dealership insurance will also protect you in the case of auto accidents during test drives. Auto liability is an important component in car dealership insurance packages. You will be covered in the case of lawsuits in auto accidents. Another important aspect of car dealership insurance is false pretense coverage. This will cover you in the case of someone scamming you by lying about their identity.

Used car dealership owners should have a comprehensive insurance package that protects them against the various liabilities associated with the business. We offer comprehensive car dealership insurance packages at affordable rates. Contact us at 603.224.0993 for a used car dealership insurance quote.

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