New Hampshire Boat Insurance

When you’re heading out for boating season this year, make sure that your boat has the insurance protection it needs.

We all think we will be absolutely safe when we are on the water, but nobody is perfect. The U.S. Coast Guard listed the top two reasons for boating accidents in 2013 to be operator inattention and improper lookout. These accidents came about from simple human error.

The National Coast Guard also reported 947 collisions with other vessels in 2013. These boat accidents were caused by reckless operation by other vessels. Recreational watercraft insurance can give you the comfort to know that you will be protected if you or someone else is careless on the water.

Boating policies come in a wide variety. Some give you protection against injury but leave your craft without protection in case of a sinking, or vice-versa. Our local New Hampshire insurance agency will find you the right plan and the best prices to make sure you go out on the water with peace of mind.

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