New Hampshire Umbrella Insurance

For the Unforeseen – Choose Umbrella Policy

It is impossible to know what you may need to be covered for in the future. That is why many people choose an umbrella policy that will provide them protection for situations that other types of insurance leave you vulnerable for.

Umbrella insurance covers you above and beyond what your standard insurance plans cover you for. Types of liabilities covered by umbrella insurance can include injury to others and protection against certain types of lawsuits. For example, an umbrella policy could cover you for charges of slander and libel. Umbrella plans can also offer protection for landlords in case they are held liable for injury in a tenant’s apartment.

The umbrella insurance plan is designed for the unforeseen and is meant to complement other insurance policies that you already have. If you are in New Hampshire and think you may need extra coverage, contact our agency to learn more about the umbrella policies we offer. We can make sure you get quality coverage with a great rate.

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