Answers for your frequent questions

Is anyone who drives my car covered?
In most cases, yes, as long as they have the permission or reasonable belief from the insured that they can use the vehicle. The insured is the person named on the insurance policy and their spouse if applicable.

There are some exclusion’s; so you would need to look at your particular insurance policy to make sure. Remember, everyone in your household must be listed on your insurance policy if they have a license. For example, if a girlfriend you live with uses your car, she may not be covered if you did not list her on your insurance policy. On the other hand, if you live separately, she could use your car with your permission and be covered.

How do I pay my bill?
When it comes to paying your bill, Gallant Insurance offers several options. Payments can be made:

  • Automatically from your credit card or financial institution
  • Online
  • Over the phone
  • By U.S. mail
What is the difference between other than collision and collision coverage?
Together, collision and other than collision or comprehensive coverages (other than collision and comprehensive mean the same thing) are what people refer to as “full coverage.”Both coverages provide reimbursement for physical damage to YOUR vehicle, not someone else’s. Collision generally means physical damage to your automobile due to impact with another vehicle or object. This could mean another vehicle, a guardrail, a rock in the road, etc.

Other than collision/comprehensive generally means physical damage to your automobile due to the following types of losses: fire, theft, vandalism, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, hail, water or flood, riot or civil commotion, contact with a bird or animal, breakage of glass. Common types of other than collision/comprehensive losses are windshield breakage/damage, hitting a deer, and vandalism.

Whether you should purchase/keep or drop full coverage on your vehicle includes additional considerations. As always, should you have any questions about coverage or how it applies, please don’t hesitate to contact Gallant Insurance, Inc.

What are the best policy limits?
The next time you’re on the freeway, think about this: Approximately one of every seven U.S. drivers on the road has no automobile insurance. That’s the most recent estimate from the Insurance Research Council, which noted that the five states with the highest percentage of uninsured drivers were Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Tennessee. With that many people driving without coverage, it’s more important than ever for you to be insured. But how much car insurance do you need to have?

If you’re like many people, you might be in an economic pinch these days. Your inclination might be to get the minimum insurance coverage required by law in your state. The trouble with minimum coverage is that it might not fully protect you — or your assets — if you’re at fault in an accident. It’s a better idea to carry more than the minimum coverage unless you are driving an older car with little value and have no assets to protect.

Even though each state, except for New Hampshire, has minimum requirements for bodily injury liability, it is probably in your best interest to purchase higher limits. If someone else is injured and you’re at fault, the minimum liability coverage may not cover the other motorist’s medical expenses, in which case he or she will most likely come after your assets. Insurance experts generally recommended that you purchase 250/500/ limits of bodily injury liability (meaning $250,000 for one person in an accident and $500,000 for all people injured in one accident).

What happens if I choose not to purchase car insurance and still drive my car?
That depends on the state you live in. Most states have stringent laws about having car insurance and if you don’t choose to follow these laws by not purchasing car insurance, there can be tough penalties and fines. You can probably for sure count on loosing your drivers license and getting your car impounded but then you will be charged with breaking the law and that will be on your police record. Also, if you cause an accident, on top of the above mentioned things you will still have to pay for the damage to the other vehicle and people who may have been hurt, which can easily run into thousands of dollars.
Does my auto insurance policy cover my rental cars?
Generally, your personal auto insurance should extend to a rental car. A rental car most likely would be covered by Collision coverage or Liability coverage, depending on the state in which your policy is issued, because you’re temporarily driving it and you don’t own it. Basically, your policy will treat a rental like your primary vehicle while you’re in possession of it.

If you’re looking for more coverage, you may want to consider purchasing the additional insurance offered by a rental car company.

Please contact your insurance agent to confirm what you policy will cover you for while renting a car.

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What's the best way to create my inventory?
The easiest way is to create a video inventory. Using a video camera, record and describe items as you walk through your house. Or, you can use a regular camera to take pictures and create a home inventory checklist.

Here are a few tips for completing and storing your inventory:

  • Add brand names and descriptions where you can, especially on large-ticket items.
  • Keep any receipts you have with the list to make the claims process easier.
  • Store your video or photo inventory offsite so you won’t lose it if your house is damaged.
  • Update your personal property records when you purchase new furnishings and valuables.

There are a number of online services and software options you can use as well to help you organize and store your inventory remotely.

Why should I have a home inventory?
Your furniture and appliances, clothing, sports or hobby equipment, and electronic goods are all regarded as personal property. Like many people in New Hampshire, you may own much more than you realize.

Comparing the value of your belongings to the “contents” limit listed in your policy helps you make sure you have enough insurance to replace them if they are lost, stolen or destroyed as a result of a covered loss.

If that’s not enough to make you consider doing an inventory, having one also makes filing a claim easier.

How much home insurance do I need?
Talk to us at Gallant Insurance, Inc. to assist you in analyzing your insurance needs and help you decide how to most effectively protect your personal property.

Ask us about full value coverage, which will pay for the replacement value of your personal belongings. A standard policy typically covers personal property only up to its actual cash value, determined by taking the replacement cost and deducting depreciation, which can be substantial.

Remember, your homeowners policy covers valuable items such as jewelry, art and antiques, only up to set dollar amounts. If the cost of replacing them exceeds these limits, you may want to purchase scheduled personal property coverage.

How do I file a claim?
Please feel free to fill out a quick claim form, and we will get back to you right away. If it is an emergency call 911 and stay calm. Then proceed to call your carriers 24/7 toll free claim number which you can find on your insurance card or by clicking here.

For years I had been driving by Gallant Insurance Agency and had been noticing on their billboard that they were saving customers thousands of dollars in premium fees. I contacted Gallant Insurance Agency and within 3 business day’s we had an insurance quotes for our home and all 4 of our vehicles. The savings was about $158.00/month ($1896.00/year). Within one week Paula Gallant had prepared our new policies and we were on our way to saving money and working with an agency that gives the “personal touch.” Thank you Gallant Insurance Agency. We look forward to a business relationship for many years to come.

– Sue and Michael Berntsen